What is the Zuisenkyô

What is the Zuisenkyô?

In creating a truly healthy civilization that is in harmony with Nature, Mokichi Okada began to construct small prototypes of such a true civilization.

What is Natural Farming

What is Natural Farming?

Okada discovered that if our agricultural methods respect the soil and enhance its innate power, then our food will always be rich in natural energy.

Okada Purifying Therapy

What is OPT?

Okada Purifying Therapy is a method of curing illnesses, as developed by Okada through more than 30 years of research with over 20,000 people.

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Fresh, local, chemicals-free, natural produce.
Monday - Saturday, 8AM to 1PM
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img 5415Buy fresh, local and natural produce with us!

8 AM to 1 PM, Monday - Saturday

Oasis Garden has been practicing Natural Farming for more than 10 years in the Central Valley.

We are very happy to offer our community the best seasonal fruits and vegetables with NO CHEMICALS and NON-GMOs.

Come to check us out and to taste our produce, while you enjoy our beautiful and scenic farm!

5790 N. Indianola Ave, Clovis CA 93619
Phone: 559. 324. 0465
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