Mokichi Okada was born in Tokyo in 1882. During his life, Okada was confronted with the fact that material prosperity does not necessarily lead to human happiness. It was in Nature that Okada discovered the causes and effects of the problems facing humanity and the principles on which to create an ideal civilization. A new civilization - a world of art imbued with truth, virtue, and beauty coexisting in perfect harmony with Nature - would emerge.

The Mokichi Okada Association, developed in Japan during the 1930’s, is an organization which strives to address these issues through their commitment to “Living in Harmony with Nature”.  The core practices of the organization include the operation of organic Nature Farms, which produce healthy chemical-free foods for the community, art therapy programs and museums, to promote emotional and cultural wellness through beauty. These programs include the practice of Japanese Tea Ceremony, and flower arranging.   The third activity is the practice of a traditional Japanese healing art called “Purifying Therapy (PT). This energy healing method is offered under the supervision of doctors and other health professionals. It is designed to help strengthen the body’s natural healing processes, and the kidney’s purifying function to eliminate toxins (“Toward the Creation of a New Medicine-Purification”, MOA Foundation, 2008).