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Natural Farming must be approached as a philosophy as well as a technique of food production, it is this trait that sets it apart from other forms of organic farming. As a Philosophy, Natural Farming relies on understanding the subtle physical relationships and spiritual bonds that exist among all of the elements involved in the cultivation of foods; the earth, sun, rain, wind, the farmer, the people who eat the food and the society in which they live. Its purpose is to foster the health and well being of all these elements. 
From his viewpoint of “spiritual science, “and based on his observation of life activities in nature, Okada discovered that soil has a very important power within itself to produce food. Therefore, as the human being can thrive only by living in harmony with nature, if our agricultural methods respect soil and enhance its power, our food will always be rich in natural energy that nourishes and supports our health. At its core, Natural Farming is not just a way of farming. It is a determined appreciation of the fact that, despite all the chemicals and all the concrete, we can still farm in a way that makes things better, not worse. 
“The Principle of the Natural Farming method is and overriding respect and concern for nature. Nature can teach us everything."Mokichi Okada (1882-1955)


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